Saturday, June 15, 2013

Remember that one time when I started a blog and didn't post for a year? Yeah...

For anyone who might be concerned, I am still alive and a I did have a great - albeit busy - year of school...I just didn't post on my blog at all. 


Sad :(

Well, since I'm not one to dwell on the negative, I'm just going to move on from here and make it a major goal to post this summer as well as next year! We'll see how all this goes...I for one am hoping for the best! Let me give you a super fast recap of this year using pictures I have from the iPad.

Observing changes of matter with popcorn!

Magnet fun: Can you get a paperclip out of a cup of water without getting your fingers wet?

More magnet fun: Can you make a paperclip float?

Sorting yummy 3D shapes!

Learning about attributes by labeling our friends!

We used Lasso Larry to help us regroup by lassoing our ten units and exchanging them for one long!

We made awesome 3D dioramas of the water cycle!

We learned about camouflage and designed our own classroom-camouflaged butterflies!

We sorted natural and man-made objects that we cut out from magazines!

We had an awesome time measuring the bears we brought for Bear Measurement Day!

That's a lot of pictures and exclamation marks! (There's another...I like those things.) This is only a small taste of the things we did this year, but it makes me feel monumentally better for being a non-blogger. Cross your fingers that I'll be better from here on out!


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