Friday, August 17, 2012

A Work in Progress!

Well, still no AC at school, but that hasn't stopped me from sweating it out in my room for the past week! I'm not totally done, so no pictures of the room yet, but I will share one of the projects I've tackled this week: notebook ribbon bookmarks! I'm pretty sure that I got this idea off of school pin boards are getting so out of control, I don't even know what I've got!

You will come to know that I am in love with notebooking! I'm also in love with notebooking in composition notebooks. The kiddos seem to love to tear paper out of spiral notebooks but they don't tear paper out of their composition notebooks. I was so excited to find them in fun colors for $0.50 this year! Worth it, for sure!

In the past, we've used paperclips to mark our page in our math and science notebooks, but they were always getting lost and - let's face it - they're not all that cute or fun. This year, I got some fun ribbon, cut 6 inch pieces and hot glued them to the back inside cover of the notebooks. Now, every notebook will have a fun, permanent bookmark! (P.S. It took me forever! I'll be glad I did it when I don't have to hear "AHH! Where's my paperclip?! I need a paperclip!" in the middle of modeling a notebooking activity!)

We do a WHOLE lot more to our notebooks to get them ready for all the great stuff that goes in them, but that will come when the kids get here!
Whoooo loves notebooking? ME! :)

One completed set done!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not a fan! (The "Before")

School's on its way, so it's back to blogging for me! Hopefully, from here until May I'll be a faithful teacher blogger. Time will tell! Anyway, I was able to get my key today...YAY! However, my entire school is without air conditioning...BOO! I can't complain too much - I mean, our school is getting brand new ACs (which is very important in Texas where it is summer until November). The timing, however, isn't the best for all the hardworking teachers in my building. Since I'm an avid blog-stalker, I feel like I need to join in on the fun and post before and after pictures of my classroom. I don't know about anyone else, but at my school we have to pack up all the stuff in our classrooms so that the building can be thoroughly cleaned over the summer. That's why my classroom looks so empty sad at the moment. It will be a totally different place in the course of a week or so! Please note my plethora of fans (can you find all 4?!) that were begged and borrowed from my family so that I wouldn't die of a heat stroke.

The view from the door

The view from the opposite wall